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The Store

Guidelines for Donation and Consignment Items

1. We are always in need of good household furniture, used clothing and clothing for babies and children of all ages.

2. We do not take baby furniture or car seats.

3. No used underwear, socks, bras, hats or very worn shoes will be taken.

4. No used jewelry will be accepted.

5. No bedding or bedspreads will be accepted unless in excellent condition and we have the room to place on the floor.

6. Nic Nac type items will be accepted on a limited basis due to lack of space.

7. Most electronics will not be accepted because they are usually outdated when they come in. Examples include TV’s, printers and computers!

8. Items brought to us directly from garage sales will not be accepted. Please remove all sales tags from items before donating.

9. Please make an appointment to drop off all donated and consignment items unless you have less than 10 items. Then we may be able to do it on the spot.

10.Person dropping off items is required to wait as each item is inspected. Unwashed or wrinkled items will not be accepted.



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